Male Edge Extender Review

Male Edge Extender Review 2021 [Cheapest Penis Extender]

Getting a bigger penis is a recipe for an energized sexual life.

Because, let’s face it; men with a “small guy” often struggle with self-esteem issues, not knowing what their sexual partners will think about their male size.

While it’s possible to enjoy playtime with a small penis like a 5-inch dick, men with a bigger penis are often in demand, because they have what ladies want. Someone who will help them realize their self-worth, and hit just the best spots for orgasm stimulation.

If you are looking to supercharge your sex life, there is no better way to achieve this other than to try some of the most successful and clinically-proven male enhancement solutions.

Male Edge extender stands out among other penis enlargement options as one of the devices that deliver actual results. It is one of the top-rated penis extenders in the market right now, and constantly receives thump ups from the media and medics.

Male Edge Review

Male Edge is designed by the manufacturer who designed the first ever penis extender, and it comes with 13 high tech kits to make the penis enlargement more efficient in delivering the results.

The manufacturer carried out various tests to determine the effectiveness of Male Edge as a penis extender, and they observed that men got an average increase of 29% in length and 19% in girth.

The secret to obtaining satisfying results with Male Edge Extender is to be consistent. Wear the device for 5 to 6 hours per day for at least six months, with a few day-off during the training.

Male Edge Extender: Where is it Manufactured?

Male edge is one of the most popular male extenders in the market.

It is designed and created by Danalife Aps, a Danish company that also created the Jes Extender, another effective penis extender that we previously reviewed.

Danalife is credited with creating the first-ever penis enlargement device, which came about as an accident. Initially, the company’s aim was to create a medical device to manage the Peyronies disease.

In the course of using the device, the doctors discovered an unusual “side effect”; the extender helped the patients get a longer and bigger penis!

The startling discovery motivated the doctors to go back to the design and see how they could improve the device to be used as a penis enlargement device.

The Male Edge extender is a unique device that incorporates all the innovative features included in the previous devices plus a patented technology that is yet to be implemented by other competitors.

Customers who have used this device are mostly satisfied with the Male Edge results obtained during the training period, with little to no negative complaints.

Male Edge extender delivers permanent results, and this has been medically proved and documented by the British Journal of Urology International.

Double Money Back Guarantee

With more than two decades experience in designing penis extenders, the manufacturer provides a guarantee that, if you follow the recommended training program, you will get a permanent growth in penis length and girth.

However, if you followed the recommended training program and did not see any growth in your penis size and girth, the manufacturer promises to refund double the money you paid for the device. Isn’t that enough confidence in the product quality and ability to deliver the promised results?

How does Male Edge Work?

The Male Edge extender works by stretching the penis muscles through traction. This is the application of a steady but painless stretch on the penis shaft. It uses the same technique that bodybuilders use to grow bigger muscles by lifting weights.

When the traction is applied to the penis shaft, the tissue cells break down and divide into smaller cells. This allows new tissues to grow until they reach the nearest cell, making the tissue cells to multiply.

The multiplication of tissue cells occurs throughout the shaft, thereby making the penis longer and thicker when the traction is applied consistently.

This method of penis enlargement is considered a lot safer than surgery and other medical procedures, since its all-natural and you won’t have to go through surgery. The results obtained are permanent, and this has been backed up by medical research.

How to use Male Edge to get a bigger penis (Step-by-Step Process)

The Male Edge medical device comes fully assembled, and there is fixing that you are required to do. Ideally, you can do-it-yourself even if you have no prior experience with penis extenders.

Here is the basic process that you should follow when putting on the Male Edge penis extender:

  • Detach the ring-shaped front part from the rods and place it at the base of your penis.
  • If your penis exceeds 5.5 inches when stretched, turn the rubber strap around. If the penis length is below this size, just leave it as it is as long as it is comfortable.
  • Next, slide your penis tip to the top of the rods, and then turn the rods clockwise. Stretch it to achieve the desired length, while ensuring that the penis is comfortable and unhurt.
  • Once you’ve achieved the correct rod’s stretch, push the rods back to secure the device, and listen for a click sound.Adjust the traction by slowly and gently pushing the elongation rods.
  • Ensure to follow the instruction manual included in your package to ensure you get it right.

How to wear the Male Edge Penis Extender

The Male Edge extender can be worn in either of the following methods:

1. Under the pants

You can wear the Male Edge device under loose pants or shorts during the day as you go about your usual activities.

Again, this is ideal if your daily routine involves a lot of sitting and minimal movements. However, if your job involves a lot of physical movements, wearing the device might cause a lot of discomfort.

The device remains hidden under the pants, and nobody will know what you are wearing down there. It is also a lot comfortable as long as you don’t get engaged in a lot of physical movements.

2. Sleeping

The other alternative is to wear when sleeping. Again, this option is ideal if you don’t do a lot of turning at night. Too much turning and twisting of the device may cause injury to self. Side sleepers have an advantage over stomach sleepers since the device stays intact most of the time.

If you happen to get an erection while sleeping, Male Edge extender is designed to self-adjust itself according to the length of the erection.

Who can use Male Edge?

The Male Edge penis enlargement device is designed for adult males, who are above 18 years. There are no restrictions on the upper age limit, as long as you are interested in penis enlargement and able to handle the tension comfortably.

Initially, the first device created by the manufacturer was used to heal the Peyronies disease, but the company has since introduced more sophisticated models for penis extension. Currently, there are three Male Edge packages that you can choose from.

recommend the Male Edge Extender if you are looking for a non-surgical modern penis enlargement device that delivers permanent results. Most often, a short penis affects the sexual life of thousands and millions of men, and the device promises to provide a solution to this common problem.

From the testimonials we received from real customers who have used a real Male Edge device, I am satisfied that this device does work if you follow the recommended procedure.

Customers reported adding from 0.8 inches to about 2.7 inches in 6 months, which is a considerable growth that anyone can get. In the event that you fail to obtain any meaningful progress with the device, the manufacturer will refund double the money you paid when buying the device.

The 3 Male Edge Packages

Male Edge comes in three different packages that vary according to the price and the components included. These packages include:

1. MaleEdge Basic

Male Edge Review

This is the cheapest Male Edge extender that is offered for sale by the company. It comprises all the essential accessories that you need for the penis enlargement training program. It comes with the following premium components:

  • Male Edge extender
  • Ruler (1 pc)
  • Device product box (1 pc)
  • Travel bag (1 pc)
  • Male edge brochure (1 pc)
  • Rubber strap (2 pc)

Apart from these components, this package also comes with a training diary and access to the online instructional video. MaleEdge Basic comes with a one year warranty and double money guarantee. It comes in a blue and white carry case.

The only limitation we found with this device is that it lacks a protection pad.

2. Male Edge Extra

Male Edge Extra

MaleEdge Extra is the most popular package. It has more accessories than the MaleEdge Basic, and it the ideal choice if you want to train while still traveling.

This package comes with one protection pad, which is lacking in the MaleEdge Basic package. Also, it comes with a handy travel bag that you can use to carry your device plus accessories while you travel.

This package comprises the following components:

  • Male Edge extender
  • Ruler (1 pc)
  • Device product box (1 pc)
  • Travel bag (1 pc)
  • Male edge brochure (1 pc)
  • Rubber strap (3 pc)
  • Protection Pad

MaleEdge Extra has a one year warranty and double money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product*. Customers also get a MaleEdge training diary which they can use to record their progress during the training.

They also get access to the online instructional video. On the downside, this package is a little expensive (by a few bucks) compared to the MaleEdge Basic.

3. Male Edge Pro

Male Edge Pro

MaleEdge Pro is the premium package of MaleEdge penis extenders. It comes with all the essential accessories that you need to get the best results. The additional accessories include 2 protection pads and a cohesive gauge.

All accessories that come with this package include:

  • Male Edge extender
  • Ruler (1 pc)
  • Device product box (1 pc)
  • Travel bag (1 pc)
  • Male edge brochure (1 pc)
  • Rubber strap (5 pcs)
  • Protection pad (2 pcs)
  • Cohesive gauge (1 pc)

MaleEdge Pro extender comes with a one year warranty and double money back guarantee. Customers also get the MaleEdge training diary and access to the online instructional video.

Pros of Male Edge Extender


Male Edge is one of the cheapest extenders in the market, compared to other penis extenders like SizeGenetics and Jes Extender. Also, compared to a penis extender surgery, Male Edge is extremely cheap, averaging about 1 to 2 % of the cost of a penis enlargement surgery.

Safe to use

Male Edge is safe to use, and there are no reported injuries from using the device. The internet is full of horror stories related to penis enlargement surgeries, which creates fear amongst men looking for ways to get a bigger penis.

Unlike surgery, penis extenders are safe and easy to easy, and their safety is backed by medical research. The method used by penis extenders to give you a bigger penis length and girth is non-intrusive, and it has been used by muscle builders to grow muscles naturally.

Proven Permanent Results

Male Edge results are medically proven to work as long as you use the device based on the recommended training program and duration. You should wear the device consistently for at least 6 months in order to see results.

Depending on the individual, concrete results start showing up on the third and fourth month, but 6 months is the recommended timeline. Considering the benefits of a spiced up sexual relationship, it pays to use the device for at least 6 months.


The Male Edge extender is comfortable to wear, both under the pants or when sleeping. However, the device may be a little uncomfortable during the first few weeks, but this goes away gradually as you get used to it.

Boosts Sex Life

Getting a few extra inches means going a few inches deeper in her. After completing the training program and getting some extra inches to your penis length and girth means that your partner will experience a whole new sex life. You get to go deeper and even enjoy sex more than before.

Harder Erections

Apart from getting a larger penis, using the Male Edge extender gives you more frequent and rock-hard erections to last you through the sexual encounter.

Limitations of Jes Extender

Adjusting Straps

Even though the device does not require assembly, you will still need to work around how to adjust the straps and robs to fit comfortably. It may be a little difficult to make adjustments initially, but you get used to it with time.

Discomfort at first

Wearing the device for the first time will be uncomfortable at first, as you learn the ropes on the right way to do it.

Due to the sensitivity of the groin area, there will be some pain as your body gets used to the device. The pain will go away gradually, and the body will get comfortable with time.

Requires time and dedication

Getting meaningful gains in penis length and girth requires commitment. The manufacturer recommends using the device every day for six months (with a few day-offs in between) in order to see exciting gains.

The customers we talked to acknowledged this, confirming that they used the device for a minimum of 5 months in order to get results. One reader even went up to 8 months with the device and gained 2.3 inches!

Where to buy Male Edge Extender

We recommend buying the Male edge extender at the Manufacturer’s Official Website. Most often, the manufacturer offers exclusive discounts to new customers, so keep checking for any new offers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Male Edge Extender

Is Male Edge Safe?

Male Edge extender is safe to use, and it has undergone various clinical trials to test its safety standards.

Before wearing the device for the first time, make sure to follow the instructions provided in the instructional video as well as in the manual. If you feel uncomfortable when wearing the device, give your penis a day off before resuming the training.

Does Male Edge Really Work?

The Male Edge Extender has been medically proven to work, and most customers are proud of the results they have achieved when using this device. The customers we interviewed say that they gained anywhere from 0.7 inches to 2.8 inches in 6 months.

The results vary because each person’s body is different, and depends on how they react to the tensions. Male Edge is backed up by double money back guarantee if you fail to achieve any results after the six months.

How long does it take for Male Edge to deliver results?

The recommended duration is wearing the device every day for 5 to 6 hours for 6 months. By the third month, most users will start noticing some growth in the penis length, and consistent use up to the 6 months will produce even better results.

Can uncircumcised men use Male Edge extender?

Male Edge extender can be used by any man, irrespective of whether they are circumcised or not.

Is Male Edge Cheaper than Surgery?

Yes. Male Edge is a way cheaper compared to a penis enlargement surgery. The price of a Male Edge Extender ranges from $100 to $200, while apenis enlargement surgery averages $10, 000. This means that the price of Male Edge Extender is just 1 to 2% of the price of penis surgery.

Can I have sex while on the Male Edge training program?

Yes. Male Edge users can have sex at any time during the six-month training program. Users have reported having rock-hard erections when having sex during the course of the training program. This means sex partners will be a motivating factor when they acknowledge that you have indeed made progress in the program.

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